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The fair for assistive technology and accessibility

9 -11 Nov Tampere Finland

Apuväline fair gathers the people, knowledge and solutions

Apuväline fair will be arranged 9 – 11 Nov in Tampere Finland.

You will meet exhibitors in

  • accessibility
  • daily living aids
  • mobility aids
  • orthopedic aids
  • rehabilitation
  • communication
  • leisure and wellbeing
  • sports

The exhibition area is full of possibilities and experiences. You can try, compare and find the best solutions for you or your customers.

Most of the presentations at the fair stages and seminars are in Finnish, but exhibitors and fair staff are happy to help you also in English. You are warmly welcome!

Sports Plaza invites you to experience

Finnish Paralympic Commitee organises the unique Spotrs Plaza by the side of Apuväline fair. You can find over 30 different sports and activities for persons with disabilities. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Come along –  try, learn and experience the sports for all!