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Themes and product groups

Apuväline 2022
11.-13.5.2022 Helsinki

A major event for assistive devices, rehabilitation and accessibility

The Apuväline 2022 fair has a fairly wide and varied supply. The technical aid is more than how the word is usually perceived. Assistive products enable a particularly good everyday life. There are aids for mobility, communication, home and work. Rehabilitation and accessibility are an integral part of the whole.

Themes in the program

  • School, study and employment
  • Accessible traveling
  • Sexual health

Apuväline 2022 product groups

  • Assistive products for the treatment of blood circulation and edema
  • Housing and care services
  • Equipment and devices for dwellings and premises
  • Cars and motoring aids
  • Nursing aids, equipment and supplies
  • Hygiene products
  • Furniture and decor
  • Communication aids
  • Home Services
  • Education and special educational institutions
  • Rehabilitation and physiotherapy services
  • Rehabilitation and therapy apparatus and instruments
  • Exercise and sports
  • Tourism and leisure
  • Other mobility aids
  • Assistive products for the visually and hearing impaired
  • Orthoses, prostheses, supports
  • Small aids
  • Wheelchairs
  • Sexual health
  • Social and health services
  • Technology equipment and systems
  • Clothing, footwear and insoles
  • Associations and public services