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Apuväline –
Assistive Technology

6.-8.11.2025 Tampere

The event for assistive devices, rehabilitation and accessibility

Apuväline is an unique event for accessibility, personal aids, assistive technology and rehabilitation. The subjects are viewed from many perspectives. The fair presents a wide range of products and solutions for the health care professionals and for the users of assistive devices.

We warmly welcome all the people with disabilities, health and social care professionals, physiotherapists and rehabilitation professionals and all who are interested in these subjects.

Welcome to Apuväline – Assistive Technology event, 6-8 Nov 2025, Tampere Finland!

For who the event is for

Why and who should attend the Assistive Technology event?

If you ask us, everyone should visit the Assistive Technology event, but here’s a brief overview of what the event offers to different audiences.

  • This is the major event in Finland on accessibility and equality, and what they mean in everyday life.
  • An assistive device can be a product, service, or solution. It facilitates or eases everyday life. Assistive devices help with mobility, daily chores, hobbies, and communication; they support people at work, at home, and on the go.
  • Rehabilitation and accessibility are closely related to the world of assistive devices and are essential components of the event.

Event organisers

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