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Welcome to Apuväline Event 2023 as an exhibitor!

Event open:

Thu 9th of Nov 9–17

Fri 10th of Nov 9–17

Sat 11th of Nov 10–16

Register to eshop sign in to eshop exhibitor's guide



  • Register to eShop
  • Update your profilepage
  • Announce your stand program
  • Book accommodation from our quota
  • Info for exhibitors 22nd of August (in Finnish)


  • Invite your customers to the fair
  • Plan and order the necessary structures, furniture, products and services for the stand
  • Order a ready-made package stand
  • Send fascia board text or logo
  • Announce the Happy Hour program
  • Notify co-exhibitors
  • Exhibitors passes
  • Hype your participation
  • Order stand catering and lunch tickets
  • Take care of the security of your stand


  • Construction
  • Parking and bus transportation
  • Exhibition office
  • Dismantling


Register to eShop

Our new online service eShop is now open! Through the eShop, you can handle orders and all other tasks related to fair participation easily and quickly.

Registration path:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the requested information on the form.
  3. After registration, you will receive a message in your email. Confirm the user account by clicking the confirmation link in the message. Your account will be activated.
  4. Once you have confirmed the user account, you can log in from the home page

After logging in to the service, you can see participations in upcoming events on the front page. Choose to participate and you get to take care of the fair preparations.

Update your profilepage

Update your company profilepage via the eShop and ensure visibility on the website of the event.

See instructions for filling out the profilepage >

(eMessukeskus works on the same platform as eShop, so the instructions also work perfectly for eShop users.)

Announce your stand program

Do you have a program at your stand during the fair? Announce the program in the eShop under Program and it will be published on the event’s website and you will get free visibility for your program.


Book accommodation from our quota

We have reserved room quotas from several hotels in the Tampere area. See the entire list here and book the rooms using the reservation code.


Info for exhibitors 22nd of August (in Finnish)

We are having an information session for exhibitors on August 22nd from 13:00 to 15:00 as an online event. The actual content takes about an hour, but plenty of time is reserved for questions. We go through online service and marketing, which tools and aids we offer for your use. Note! In Finnish Only.


Invite your customers to the fair

At the event, you can use eInvitation and eTicket.

For professionals:

eInvitation makes it possible to send an invitation to even hundreds of customers in one go – easily, ecologically and free of charge. You can attach your own greeting and company photos to the electronic invitation. You can find the eInvitation tool and instructions in the eShop online service under Invite your customers.

For the public:

eTicket is an easy and fast way to send a fair ticket as a gift to your customer. You can send the eTicket directly to your customer’s mobile phone or email. You only pay for the used eTickets.

Participation includes tickets according to the stand size:

4-10 m2 20 pcs

12-21 m2 40 pcs

24-36 m2 70 pcs

40-50 m2 100 pcs

You can send more tickets to customers. We charge €3/ticket for excesses. We only bill for used tickets. Send eTickets from Invite your customers.

Plan and order the necessary structures, furniture, products and services for the stand

Our pricing is based on price periods. The earlier you place your orders, the cheaper you will get the products and services you need at your stand, and you will ensure the availability of the products. Plan and order the necessary structures and furniture for the stand from eShop under Order products and services. When you place your orders before September 30th, 2023, you get the products at a cheaper price. Save and order in advance!

On September 30th prices will increase by 20%

On October 20th prices will increase by 50%

On November 2nd prices will increase by 100%

Order a ready-made package stand

You can order a ready-made package stand through us. The package stand includes the expo start (incl. basic electricity connection 16A 230V (3.6 kW), electricity consumption and registration fee), walls, fascia, carpet, lighting, daily cleaning and building and demolition.

Send fascia board text of logo

If you have purchased a ready-made package stand with a fascia, please remember to send the text or logo to the address no later than October 7th, 2023. For changes made after this, we will charge according to the normal price list.

Material instruction >>

Announce the Happy Hour program

We organize Happy Hour on Thu 9th 15–17 for professional visitors. All exhibitors can participate in this. Those who wish can organize catering, offers and/or a program at their stand. In the fall, we will collect Happy Hour information from the exhibitors. We announce these together on one page, so the visitor can easily find out what all the interesting things are going on in the afternoon.

Notify co-exhibitors

Please inform if you have co-exhibitors coming to your stand. Notify via the eShop under Co-exhibitors as early as possible and ensure visibility in the fair information distributed to visitors at the event. Co-exhibitors get their own company-specific account and their own credentials for the eShop.

Co-exhibitors are charged a registration fee according to the event-specific participation conditions. Apuväline 2023 registration fee for co-exhibitors is €280 + VAT.

Exhibitors passes

You can conveniently send passes to the e-mail or mobile phone of your fair team members via the eShop under Send passes.

The recipient of the pass can print it in advance via the link in the e-mail, or you can also print it at the entrances or at the Exhibition office. You can create as many passes as you need.

The exhibitor’s pass is for the staff of your booth during the fair. The pass is personal and valid during construction, event and dismantling times of the fair. The pass must be displayed during the event. The builder’s pass is valid during the fair’s construction and dismantling times. Passes are free of charge.

You can get badge pockets for passes at the entrances and the Exhibition office.

Use the logos and banners of the event in your own marketing channels

Don’t forget to tell about your participation and the products and services on display at the fair in your own marketing and communication channels, such as social media. You can use event logos, banners and images to market your event participation.

To the media bank >>

Order stand catering and lunch tickets

Order catering for your stand and lunch tickets for your staff in advance. Orders for stand catering no later than 27.10. You can order restaurant tickets up to the start of the event using the form and during the event on site at the restaurant’s information desk.

You can find the restaurant’s order forms in the eShop under Order products and services -> Stand services -> Catering services.

Take care of the safety of your stand

Do not leave valuables on display when the fair day ends. Take care of insurance and think about whether you need additional equipment, for example display cases, locks or safety cables for computers or monitors.

Each exhibitor is obliged to take care of insuring his own goods. Lockable cabinets, showcases and doors can be viewed in the eShop. For special requests, you can contact the sales manager of the event directly.




Tue 7th of Nov 8-20

Wed 8th of Nov 8-22

Parking and bus transportation

The Tampere Exhibition and Sports Center has plenty of parking spaces. The parking fee is paid on the spot. Free parking for exhibitors – get your parking permit from exhibition office. We also organize free bus transportation between Tampere Railway Station and the venue. The exact schedule you can check from here >> (in Finnish)

Break room for exhibitors

You can find quiet working space for exhibitors on the second floor of A-hall next to restaurant Kastrup. We are serving wireless internet connection, coffee and tea.

Exhibition office

During the construction and opening hours of the event, the Exhibition office is helping exhibitors and builders, e.g. for stand orders. The Exhibition office is located next to the main entrance.

Opening hours:

Tue 7th 9-17
Wed 8th 8-18
Thu-Fri 9th and 10th 8-17
Sat 11th 9-16
Sun 12th on call duty: +358 40 141 8466



Sat 11th of Nov 16.30-22

Sun 12th of Nov 8-15

Dismantling may only begin after the end of the fair.